Day of the Hunt


Many outdoorsmen dream of hunting. It may be the bugling bull elk or the big mule deer buck that the dream starts with. Your team at Colorado Dream Hunts (CDH) share those dreams and help them become a reality for you. CDH provides these hunts on both private ranches and on public land. We use UTVs and four-wheel drive vehicles to navigate the tough terrain and help hunters access and harvest game. 

In some parts of Colorado, obtaining a deer or elk tag can take years or even decades, but with the help of Colorado Parks and Wildlife we are able to secure a license for you to pursue the animal of your dreams. We also can help obtain a disability permit that allows you the possibility of hunting from a vehicle if needed. This helps ensure both a safe and ethical hunt. 

Your hunt starts with preparation long before arriving at the ranch. After a you are accepted by CDH, we begin with understanding your special needs and how to best accommodate them. Once dates are confirmed and travel arrangements have been made, we wait with anticipation for the actual hunt. We try to have you and your guardian arrive a day early in order to get settled, meet your team and have a chance to make sure guns are sighted in.

A typical, exciting hunting day can look like this:

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A typical, exciting hunting day can look like this:


Wake up (if you have even slept the night before due to being too excited)  and have a hot breakfast prepared by the Ranch.  CDH guides and coordinators will load the gear into vehicles and get ready to head to one of a number of pre-determined hunting sites.


8am- 12pm: 

We are hunting!  Hunting for big game requires patience and skill and your CDH team will help direct you to game.  They will use a variety of methods (cow elk calling, bull elk bugling, tracking mule deer) to find suitable animals.  This is a fun and exciting time as you travel throughout beautiful ranches and challenging terrain.  But, don’t worry.  Your team will design the hunt based upon what your abilities allow.  


If we are lucky we will be recovering your animal from the morning hunt and taking it back to the ranch for processing.  If not….we do more hunting.  Animals tend to be more active in the morning and the evening.  So depending on weather and other conditions we might take this time to head back to the ranch and have lunch and relax and talk about our hunting strategy for the evening. 


3pm-End of Shooting Light: 

This time typically provides some of the best hunting opportunities of the day. We will travel back into the ranch and locate other harvest opportunities.  Often times we will look for areas where animals will move towards after they have spent a long day in the woods.  Typically, animals will move towards water or begin to move to higher ground.  We will position ourselves in areas where animals may be located.

The Harvest and Processing:

If we are fortunate enough to harvest an animal we will load it on a vehicle and transport it back to the ranch.  Most ranches have harvesting sheds where your CDH team will work hard to obtain the meat from your animal and prepare your animal for transport to the taxidermist for your full shoulder mount.

Most of all don’t worry….We have hosted youth with a variety of challenges and are familiar with how to customize your hunt to provide you and your guardian with a fantastic adventure.

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