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Colorado Dream Hunts

We have many hunters looking for sponsors to help them attend a Colorado Dream Hunt and you can help. Pick a hunter and donate towards their future hunt. Just select a hunter and read about how they are struggling and overcoming their medical conditions and why attending a Colorado Dream Hunt is important to them. As a financial sponsor you will receive hunter fundraising updates, communications with your selected hunter and a professional video that captures their entire hunting adventure.

Meet the Kids

You can make your donation personal to meet the needs of any specific hunter that is scheduled for their dream hunt.  Whether you donate $10 or $5,000 every cent of your donation goes directly to fulfilling the special needs of each hunter.  Big game hunting expenses for our hunter and a guardian average approximately $5000 per species. A donation of any amount helps achieve their goals.  Just select a hunter, learn about their story and submit your donation.  It is that easy!

My Story – Jesse

I was born with a condition that led to cerebral palsy. I will be 16 at the
end of October. Colorado Dream Hunts is giving me an early birthday
present by taking me on a trophy bull elk hunt.

My Story – Logan

My name is Logan. I am 16 years old. Last August 2021, I began having headaches and vomiting for a couple of days, and then I would feel fine for a couple of weeks. Then I would start having these symptoms every couple of days until I was actually having headaches daily. It wasn’t until the end of October that I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. On November 3rd I went into surgery to have it removed. It was decided that I would have radiation and chemo treatments daily for 1 1/2 months. I got to have 1 1/2 months off before starting my next series of chemo treatments. This time I am on chemo for 5 days then off for 6 weeks.

I am currently attending high school as a junior. I look forward to playing basketball this winter. I am a typical teenager and like to hang out with friends and drive my truck. I also love hunting and fishing. I have hunted deer and antelope, but never elk. I have wanted to go on my own elk hunt and now Colorado Dream Hunts has made that possible. I am super excited to go elk hunting and can’t wait for this trip.

My Story – Lexi

I have muscular dystrophy and a severe case of scoliosis and difficulty
breathing. I have always dreamed of going big game hunting like my parents do and love being outdoors. Colorado Dream Hunts is making my dream come true to go buck hunting this fall.