Preparing For Your Hunt

Practice Shooting

It is recommended that you visit your local shooting range ahead of your trip to make sure that you are comfortable with your rifle.  Any practice will help you prepare for your guided hunting trip. When you spot your trophy animal, the last thing you want to happen is to fumble with your rifle. Remember, the more practice the better!

Physical Conditioning

With hunting in Colorado, many of the properties will be above 7,500 ft. It is recommended for you to condition yourself physically prior to your hunt. Starting a light conditioning program a few months prior to your hunt will only benefit you when you are on your hunt.  If you are physically able, hunts may involve walking, hiking or climbing over downed trees.

Research the Area

Where you will be hunting will most likely be foreign to you. Feel free to ask questions regarding the Ranch Property that you will be guided on. Understanding the type of terrain you will be in is important and helpful for you to begin envisioning your upcoming hunt.

Appropriate Dress/Wear

Colorado is beautiful during the Fall, however, the weather can change at anytime. Please be sure to ask your Colorado Dream Hunt (CDH) coordinator as to what level of clothing is expected.  Staying warm, dry and having comfortable shoes are key to having a better experience during your hunt.

Hunter Safety Card

The State of Colorado Requires all hunters to carry a valid Hunter Safety Card. Please be sure to bring your card with you on your hunt. It will be needed when we are at the CPW office obtaining your license. 

    • Colorado does have an “Apprentice Program” waiver which can be utilized to hunt in Colorado without a Hunter Safety Card. This waiver may be used twice during a lifetime. Click here for more details on this program.
    • We never want a lack of having a hunter safety card to limit your ability to Hunt. Please be sure to let CDH know if you would like to know more about the Apprentice Program, we are here to help.

The Length of the Hunt is typically 3-5 days

  • Your CDH Hunt will normally be 3-5 days in length. The day of arrival involves going to CPW to obtain your tag, meet your guide and hunting TEAM and head to the ranch for scouting and fishing (if available). 
  • All CDH Hunts are FREE Professionally guided hunts. You will have a team of individuals to help, teach and assist you in any way possible to make your hunt a Dream Hunt in Colorado.  
  • All food, lodging, transportation, and gear (Hunting Rifle, Scope, Binoculars, Knives, etc.) are provided at the property.  A meal plan will be developed with your involvement prior to the hunt.
  • Hunting transportation will be in 4-Door Fully enclosed Polaris Ranger, Electric Side by sides, and Trucks.  All of these will be on location upon your arrival.
  • Many of our hunting locations have ponds for fishing and coyotes for hunting during any down time.

After the Harvest

  • Our guests will receive FREE meat processing, delivery as well as a shoulder mount of their harvest.
  • A Professional Hunting Cinematographer will be along for the hunt filming the experience. You will receive a step by step movie of all of the action a few months after your hunt.

Recommended Packing List

*Not all items are necessary

Clothes: Layers

⃞ Long underwear / Tights (2-3 pair) 
⃞ Wool Socks (4 pair)
⃞ Camo pants / Carharts / Jeans (3 pair)
⃞ Under Armour / Dri-fit t-shirt (1 per day)
⃞ Underwear (1 per day)
⃞ Turtle neck / top layer (1 per day)
⃞ Heavy jacket (1) 
⃞ Gloves
⃞ Hat (ball cap and stocking cap)
⃞ Fleece / Down Vest / Shell
⃞ Rainwear (pants & jacket)
⃞ Boots 
⃞ Slippers
⃞ Sweats / PJ’s


⃞ Backpack / H20 Bladder
⃞ Knife(s)
⃞ Compass*
⃞ Rubber gloves
⃞ Paracord / Zip ties
⃞ Binocular (2)* Range finder
⃞ Elk calls
⃞ Orange vest / hat
⃞ Radios / Charger / Batteries 
⃞ Knife sharpener
⃞ Camera*


⃞ Hunter Safety Card
Hunt License / Tag
Social Security Card
Driver License
⃞ Guns
⃞ Gun box*
⃞ Ammo*
⃞ Hunting boots
⃞ Bog Pods / Shooting sticks 

Casual / Personal

⃞ Reading material
⃞ Homework
⃞ Personal Hygiene / Towel
⃞ Cell phone / charger / battery